by ninivenable

Still looking for a job- and still writing about looking for a job. I’ve decided that I want to be a freelance writer. The idea isn’t a rash one, but the idea to actually make that come true is. Yet I have no experience in writing professionally, and I lack any writing credits.

Apparently, so do others, which is why I joined two freelance writing boards. One I gave up almost immediately; it looked a bit shady and had poor web designs. Thankfully, I singed up under a pseudonym. The other one seemed more legit, even asking for a sample of my writing. It asked for 200 – 250 words. Piece of cake, I thought. I’m writing 4,000 words a day in June. Wrong. I struggled with that topic, and when I finally settled down and actually found the material to write the sample, the word limit hurt me. I had to chop away a hundred extra words, which resulted in something cheesy that didn’t even sound like me.

Yet still…

I enjoyed it. I’m hoping for an e-mail saying I’ve joined the board. If not, I’ll move on or whatever the hell I’m supposed to do next with that website. I’m hoping I’m approved- if that’s the next stop. It’s not about making money. I just love to write, and, even though I struggled with finding information on caring for lawns in Utah, I love the fact that I felt forced to write about something different for a change.

I think I might search the wordpress freelancer tag to see what anyone else is doing…