New Project Virus

by ninivenable

So, I did something stupid. That New Project seeped inside me. Technically, it’s not a new project, but an old one I’ve had sense 2005, long before HIDDEN ZERO CHAOS. Doesn’t matter, because I became infected with this story and spent more time on it then CHAOS, to the point where I’ve missed my first and second draft goal. Gotdammit.

Nevertheless! Ophelia, my main character, came calling for me, and I’m back. No matter how long it’s taking me to finish this story, I have complete faith in it. After I’m done organizing the outlines for all three books, I’ll get back to work on CHAOS, which will be this coming Saturday.

This time, my daily word count, in order to finish this book, will be the routine 2,000 words per day. I’m going to channel a certain author and post, on my tumblr, my daily word counts (hopefully- maybe I’ll still have the Internet by that point) and a few quotes from the writing to keep me motivated.

In other news, I still don’t have a job.

P.S.: And why is the date on my blog a day earlier? Am I traveling through time…