New Blog, New Project

by ninivenable

So, for some odd reason, I can’t seem to log in to my old blog. I think it might have been hacked- but that might be a bit too extreme.

Speaking of hacking, I’ve started a new project HIDDEN ZERO CHAOS, which is time travel with a bit of hacking involved. My last entry on my old blog, and why I took such a long break, was to focus on finishing it, which I did. I queried it to, maybe ten agents (I stopped checking) and all that e-mailed back were rejections. Which was fine by me, because they were all nice. My favorite one went along the lines of, “While I found your premise exciting, I just wasn’t pulled in.”

I think the reason why I wasn’t upset about my manuscript, THE GIRL WHO ATE THE POISONED APPLE, not picking up is because I already had two fresh ideas, CHAOS being one of them, that I was really interested in. Plus, I was starting to see the faults I had with POISONED APPLE.

So now I’m back to blogging. Pretty much in the same position I started a couple of years ago: jobless, struggling to finish another manuscript and not having the ability to keep friends. I love this life.

Anyways! It’s Thursday, which I want to use as a progress report day. The only thing I can say about CHAOS is I got the idea for it around summer-fall of last year. I was a bit over 130,000 words when I realized the draft was just wrong. The set-up was there, the world-building I felt interesting enough, but I just wasn’t happy with it. So I stopped working on it around October and came back to the story some time last month. I had to look at what I wanted the story to be about, which was censorship and twists, a mystery actually. The background is a dystopian society, but I wanted to break away from YA’s current trend but also embrace it.

And one of the things I’ve embraced was first person narration, which I despise. But had to go for it because I wasn’t getting a sense of what my character, Ophelia, was like in third person. Plus, Ophelia comes from the future and comes with her own dialect and slang, and I wanted to bring that even further out- which is the advantage of using first person.

So now CHAOS is in it’s earliest stage of writing- nearly forty pages in. I hope to finish the first draft this month.